A WINTER’S LAKE ­– FREE MOTION EMBROIDERY with Anita O’Neill, Eau Brink Studio – 14.30

A WINTER’S LAKE ­– FREE MOTION EMBROIDERY with Anita O’Neill, Eau Brink Studio – 14.30

Creative Craft Show Birmingham November 2023
Free Motion Embroidery
Duration:90 Minutes

Join Anita for a captivating workshop, “A Winter’s Lake,” where you will learn the art of free-motion embroidery on pre-printed fabric. Under the expert guidance of Anita, you’ll explore how to skilfully stitch into the picturesque scene, enhancing and highlighting different areas of the piece. With the needle as your brush, you’ll effectively “colour in” the fabric, creating a stunning and unique masterpiece inspired by the beauty of winter landscapes. No prior embroidery experience is required – come and immerse yourself in this creative and relaxing journey!

Advisory Note:

Suitable for over 16’s only. No previous machine embroidery necessary, although experience on a sewing machine would be useful.

Meet the Tutor

Anita O’Neill

Sewing has been an integral part of Anita’s life since she was young. Growing up with a mother who was a skilled tailor, Anita didn’t particularly enjoy the structural aspects of sewing, but she eagerly lent a hand in embellishing wherever she was allowed.

Receiving her first sewing machine at 16, Anita went on to achieve Level I and II certification in Creative Studies and design, working with renowned artist Ruth Issett.

In October 2013, Anita established her own studio in Norfolk, where she could teach mixed media textiles and invite other tutors to share their expertise in the area. Today, Eau Brink Studio continues to thrive, offering a diverse range of workshops throughout the year to cater to all disciplines within the textile world.

As an exhibiting artist and proud member of the West Norfolk Artists Association, Anita’s work can be enjoyed at numerous local venues throughout the year.