Craft Academy Half Day Workshop – MEHNDI DRAWING FOR WELLBEING with Parveen Kaur 9.30

Craft Academy Half Day Workshop – MEHNDI DRAWING FOR WELLBEING with Parveen Kaur 9.30

Creative Craft Show Nov NEC 2024

09.30 – 12.30hrs
Price: £59.00
[Max 12 people]

During this fabulous wellbeing workshop, participants will learn the basic techniques of Mehndi drawing and have the opportunity to experience the benefits it offers, including mindfulness, relaxation and creative expression.

Mehndi requires focus, attention to detail and patience, but don’t worry you don’t have to be an artist or good at drawing to take part, if you can doodle then you can do Mehndi.

The morning has been designed with plenty of short breaks so that you won’t find the pace too intense, and as you start to meticulously draw intricate designs, you will find yourself becoming fully immersed in the present, allowing your mind to quieten and your senses to gradually awaken.

Under Parveen’s guidance you will:
• Be guided through a tutorial of beginner patterns and how to create a flower design
• Learn how to incorporate/blend different styles of Mehndi drawing to decorate a hand design and design your own hand on paper
• Take part in a discussion on Mental Heath and the importance of taking time out for wellbeing
• Follow up activity – creating a small affirmation card for another member of the group
• Decorate a ceramic bauble, incorporating Mehndi designs

Half-day Academy workshop tickets include:
Morning refreshments with luxury biscuits, all equipment and materials including: card, papers, pens and blank ceramic baubles.
Academy workshop tickets also include a Complementary ticket to visit the main show on the same day.

Important Note:
This class is suitable for everyone over the age of 16.

Meet the Tutor
Parveen Kaur
Parveen is a self-taught artist, tutor and workshop facilitator with over 6 years of experience. She’s passionate about making art accessible to everyone and specialises in creating learning materials that cater to diverse needs. Parveen fosters a welcoming atmosphere in her workshops, ensuring participants feel comfortable and supported as they explore their creativity.
Her work has taken her to various organisations, including support groups and notable institutions like Loughborough University, where she contributed to the Creative Wellbeing Series. Parveen has also collaborated with well-known brands such as John Lewis, organising engaging in-store events that bring art to life for customers. She has had the privilege to be featured as part of the “Everyone Welcome” exhibition at Leicester Museum and Galleries this June.