GROW YOUR OWN BUSINESS: PRICING with Annie Gianini founder of HUSTLEwell – Saturday 12.15pm

60-minute workshop – cost £18.00
[Max 16 people]

Why is there never any money in the bank to pay yourself or grow your business? Find out why and learn a better way of pricing your craft product. A way that means you get paid and you’re not funding your business – it’s funding itself and you.

You’ll work through a pricing example and take home a workbook to create your own prices. There’s even a bit about future proofing your prices if you’re thinking of wholesaling your products.

Advisory Note:
Suitable for beginners, new to starting a business. [image supplied]

Meet the Tutor
Annie Gianini
Annie’s been running a craft business for the last 13 years, at first as a side-hustle and now part time alongside HUSTLEwell. Those years have been a huge learning curve and as a result she has a passion for helping others to make that journey much easier.


What if you that you could fund your burgeoning craft stash and take home some extra cash by turning your hobby into a side-hustle? That’s where Annie’s coaching skills come in.

This is a workshop for people who have, or are thinking about starting their own craft business. Students will learn how to price their craft products to include their fixed and variable costs, as well planning for the future by thinking early about wholesale and retail pricing. Students will complete a workbook for their chosen product as well as learning pricing tactics for better sales figures.

Advisory Note:

Not suitable for children under 16 years.

Meet the Tutor

Annie Gianini

Annie started her craft kit business STITCHFINITY, with her business partner, Alison, in 2015, while they were both working full time in the corporate world.

They learned everything the hard way, and if there weren’t two of them, keeping each other going, they likely wouldn’t still be in business.

Annie and Alison made all the classic mistakes, from not really having a target market, to giving themselves a complicated name that nobody could get right, to saying yes to everything that came their way, in the hope that it would bring more business (spoiler alert – it just brought more pains in the ass!).

They were self-funded and ploughed all profits back in, while trying myriad different things to pay themselves a salary, many without great conviction, consistency or joy. They called it a business, but weren’t convinced it was, until they started doing things differently, getting experts to help them work on their business, rather than just in their business.

Annie now helps craft business owners herself with HUSTLEwell, to make more sales and grow their businesses because she knows how it feels when you get to do what you love, rather than playing it safe and doing what you think you should do.

Annie’s programmes are based on her own experience as a craft business owner and her skills as a coach.