Alice In Wonderwool

“Alice in Wonderwool” is a creation that took makers Janna Turner and Alex Johnstone, along with help from friends and spouses, three years to create. It was designed to be the largest one-piece artwork made from felt in the UK, measuring 7m in length! It depicts the story of Alice in wonderland based on Lewis Caroll’s book and the animated film from 1951.  The display depicts the white rabbit jumping down the hole followed by a small knitted Alice, reappearing at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and concludes with the Queen of Hearts playing croquet with flamingos and hedgehog balls, whilst the card-men paint the roses.  The characters are made from wire armature and core wool that are needle and wet felted, with the occasional knitted and crochet items; fibres for creating the display were donated by Flock2felts, The Makerss and Mums Makery. Janna and Alex are using their creation to raise funds for the “Air Ambulance” bringing happiness and joy to those that see it.