Fifteen By Fifteen

Fifteen by Fifteen is a group of like-minded textile artists from various places throughout the world, coming together to participate in an art quilt challenge. Their artistic styles vary, but they share a love of art quilting, the desire to learn and experiment, and most importantly share and grow. Every eight weeks members will make a 15 x 15 inch quilt based on colour play or a theme. The results of one such challenge will be displayed at the show.

Members include: Joan Brailsford – United Kingdom; Maryte Collard – Lithuania; Chantal Guillermet – France; Genevieve Guadalupe – South America; Helen Hazon – United Kingdom; Greetje Hein – The Netherlands; Caro Higgs – France; Bella Kaplan – Israel; Kaylene Maalste – Australia; Elsy Menko – Israel; Els Mommers – Dutch Caribbean; Sonia Ruiz – Mexico; Ann Turley – Unites States of America; Bozena Wojtaszek – Poland and Paola Zanda – Switzerland