DORSET BUTTON POSY BROOCH with Gini’s Dorset Buttons – 13.20

DORSET BUTTON POSY BROOCH with Gini’s Dorset Buttons – 13.20

Glasgow October Creative 2024Sewing For Pleasure 2024
Dorset Buttons
Duration:60 Minutes

Join Gini, winner of Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas, and learn how to work the traditional craft of Dorset buttons with a twist. Create a beautiful posy button and hear all about the history of this 400-year old craft. 

Advisory Note:

Suitable for ages 16+.

Meet the Tutor

Louise Armitage, aka ‘Gini’

‘Gini’ has been teaching and keeping the 400-year old traditional craft of Dorset Buttons alive for 33 years.

Originally taught by an old lady from Dorset, who’s family skill had been passed down through generations, and now had no one left to pass it on to. Gini made her a promise that she would teach other people and continue to pass on the skills. Gini has kept this promise and taught individuals and workshops all over the UK and around the world.

Bringing the skill up to date with modern ideas and techniques she won Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas with her unique designs in 2020.