EXPERIMENTAL EMBROIDERED WORLDS with Elnaz Yazdani – Friday 09.45

EXPERIMENTAL EMBROIDERED WORLDS with Elnaz Yazdani – Friday 09.45

Glasgow October Creative 2024Sewing For Pleasure 2024
Experimental EmbroideryHand Embroidery
Duration:90 Minutes

During the workshop Elnaz will guide you through a variety of beautiful and intricate techniques using an array of experimental threads and materials to create your own unique piece of art.

The techniques that you will learn can be applied to any cloth and would be perfect applied to a gift or item of clothing for an extra special touch.

Experimental embroidery techniques are a great way to stay calm and reduce stress levels, so do join Elnaz, enjoy the meditative wonder and allure of using metal and experimental threads to embellish cloth.

Advisory Note:

This workshop is suitable for all levels from beginners to those who are experienced and want a fresh approach, it is also suitable for those studying textiles, costume or fashion.

Meet the Tutor

Elnaz Yazdani

Elnaz is an embroidery artist and educator based in Yorkshire. She is dedicated to sharing her textile skills and promoting the importance of embroidery as an art form for the future and for community wellbeing. In 2020 Elnaz was commended for the teaching excellence award in embroidery via the Embroiderers Guild and became an Embroiderers Guild Scholar after the successful launch of her virtual embroidery school ‘Embroider Your Future’. Elnaz is available for workshops, talks, embroidery and jewellery commissions, exhibitions and collaborative projects.