Fabulous Cuff Plackets with Mark Francis- Thursday 9.45am

Fabulous Cuff Plackets with Mark Francis- Thursday 9.45am

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Duration:90 Minutes

90-minute workshop – cost £24.00

[Max 10 people]

Join Mark Francis from the Great British Sewing Bee for everything you will need to know to sew the perfect cuff plackets. In this session you will cover traditional, bias bound and inseam cuff plackets. Everything is provided, but please do bring a basic sewing kit if possible. Full instructions are there for you to take home and you will be working in Calico cotton for your samples.  

Advisory Note:

Not suitable to children under 16 years. Experience with using a sewing machine preferable.

Meet the Tutor

Mark Francis

Mark’s practical sewing experiences began quite late in life, but his relationship with sewing began when he was a small child. However, needlework was not something that little boys were encouraged to do in the 1980’s.

Many years passed until he found the confidence to finally learn to use a sewing machine, and he discovered his passion for making clothes and costumes. Then, a few years ago, Mark’s husband entered him for series 6 of the Great British Sewing (2020) and life hasn’t been the same since! 

Mark now works across the sewing industry, teaching, presenting talks and developing his growing range of sewing patterns.